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  1. Saturn Missile Batteries Basically, a Saturn Missile is a barrage of stickless rockets that dissipate into the sky with whistles and reports one after each other. Choose from 25, , and shot versions. Some have a rapid fire action, mulitiple color tracers and some even have added crackling effects.
  2. SATURN MISSILE 25 SHOT Effect Colors Product Description This 4 pack of missiles each firing 25 shots shoot through the air with a whistle and a pop. A great addition to your display store finder Full Class-C Includes extra features that may be restricted in certain locations.
  3. In a beautiful RWB USA package - Behold the king of all saturns, the shot g saturn battery. It's coffee table size lets buyers know it means business. But it's more that a big missile battery. Each missile launches with a red or green mine that shoots up as the missile screams through the air and ends in a nice crackle or report.
  4. - SHOT SATURN MISSILE BATTERY - SHOT SATURN MISSILE BATTERY Shot - Combined Effects - shots of whistling tails with reports shots of silver whistling tails with reports and a of finale shots of crackling tails with reports. Starts slow and increases pace.
  5. Shot Saturn Missile Battery $ Add to cart; Shot Color Tail Saturn Missile Battery $ Read more; 25 Shot Saturn Missile Battery – 4 Pack $ Add to cart; 25 shot Saturn Missile Battery – Inv $ Add to cart; Shot Killer Skeeters $ Add to cart.
  6. 25 Shot Saturn Missile 4-Pack. 25 shot Saturn Missile 4-Pack. Item contains Shot Missiles also know as Satun Missiles send whistling crackling rockets high into the air. We even have color tail Saturn Missiles.5/5(2).
  7. Saturn Missile Battery – 25 shot ¿hablas español? Speak English? Follow Us. SKU: dd4cffb6a Category: Missiles. Product Description. All pricing is based on main showroom pricing. Prices may vary depending on location. Contact Galaxy Fireworks for more information. SKU: dd4cffb6a.
  8. Multi-Shot Saturn Missiles Love them or hate them, Saturn Missile Batteries are a popular consumer fireworks device. They launch anywhere from 25 to hundreds of small, self-propelled whistling projectiles into the air, which explode at their maximum altitude. At tingmandtocandnocugardcodacwindbarre.coinfo, we offer wholesale Saturn Missiles from the top brands in the industry.4/5(1).

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